Niagara's Choice for Barbeques

Broil King Barbeques

Quality and variety from the collection of Broil King barbeques at Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque. With many residential models to choose from, we can turn your backyard, patio, porch or stoop into a recreational oasis. Choose your cooking preference from natural gas or propane and indulge yourself with our beautiful selection of sturdy BBQ accessories. We service everything we sell and we'll set you up with one of the greatest names in barbeques.  CLICK HERE to see more Broil King Barbecues.

Weber Barbeques

From all of the Weber barbeques, whether table top or island stainless steel barbeques, home owners and outdoor cooking enthusiasts have many options to extend barbeque season. Never has your great indoors been so close to your great outdoors. Backyards, patios and architectural extensions will be turned into cooking stations and entertainment hubs popular for entertaining and casual dining. With choice comes distinction with value added to your property. 

Our prestigious line of barbeques and outdoor kitchens is managed by experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. They'll help you find the right product for your plans and if your product needs installing our certified service technicians will help you with that too. Our barbeques and outdoor kitchens are the most desirable in the Niagara Region. They'll transform your backyard immediately into a five-star resort feet from your door.

Enviro-Niagara Hearth & Barbeque, we know barbeques and outdoor kitchens.  CLICK HERE to see more Weber Barbecues.

Traeger Wood Fire Grills

Some companies measure their warranty in days. Traeger measures their’s in years. Three years to be exact. The Traeger state-of-the-art grills are designed and built to last and they subject them to testing that is second to none in the industry. So what does that mean? It means that when it comes time to cook outdoors, they’ve got your back.

Cooking over wood couldn't be easier. In fact your Traeger grills ease-of-use comes with simple controls, to let you focus on what matters, the food and your friends. Traeger’s one-button ignition system fires things up before the precision and temperature controller takes over and serves up just the right amount of wood pellets to keep the flavour right where you want it. With Traeger, you can break away from the grill and join the party while your you're cooking with the best pellets in the industry. Set it, forget it and enjoy it.  CLICK HERE to see more Traeger Wood Fire Grills.

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

The fire within a blaze-red Kamado Joe isn’t just an ideal way to slow-roast, smoke and sear. Or a perfect way to cook moist, delicious meats, charred vegetables and crispy pizzas. It’s also a remarkable way to relax. A powerful way to reconnect with family and friends. It’s a genuine, rewarding way to rekindle the simple pleasures of cooking with fire.

Relatively unchanged for centuries, a kamado grill brings air through its ceramic body and out its vented dome; lump charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat. Kamado Joe is proud to draw on that tradition, modernizing the grill’s classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a range of flexible cooking surfaces. 

The grilling community is always looking for better and to deliver the very best user experience possible, bar none. That need for better is never satisfied, always pushing us to innovate, improve and evolve&mdashtirelessly pushing Kamado Joe forward.

It’s why Kamado Joe grills are the best in the world. It’s why we refuse to settle. And why we never stop innovating. Because the pursuit of “better” is seared into every griller’s DNA.

Kamado Joe knew people could get so much more out of their grilling experience, so we set out to solve problems and eliminate pain points. They tore apart the competitor’s products, analyzing every detail, questioning the construction. They commissioned top industrial designers, built hundreds of prototypes and re-engineered it all for unparalleled performance.  CLICK HERE to see more Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills.